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$450 $350

$350  $250 – Discounted Setup
* Add 2 Monthly Blog Articles for $150 per month  |   * Add 2 to 3 Quality Backlinks for $100 per month


Set up time is fairly straightforward. Our expert team of SEO professionals will conduct research and develop a game plan for your site and once that is complete we will follow up with you to make sure we are aligned on your goals and then we will begin working! This is typically completed within 2-3 days.

The process will depend on the level of package you purchase. For the Essentials package we will first start with a site audit to find the baseline of where you are ranking now. We will then set up your Google business profile and Google analytics reports as well as research all keywords you should rank for. 

At the end of each month, you will receive your reports detailing the progress, problems, and successes that have been accomplished as well as recommendations for the next month.

Marketing and SEO takes time and effort. We typically begin to see substantial results within 90 days of starting the packages and major results within 6 months. No two businesses are alike and every audience interacts with your unique website differently so we have to take actions or make adjustments as needed to improve over time.

You should expect a partner who wants to help your business grow and gain more visitors to your site who are interested in your service. While we can’t guarantee increases in sales or patients, we can guarantee transparent service, highly motivated SEO professionals working directly for you, and an increase in search engine rankings and traffic over time.  

SEO and Marketing is a moving target. Search engines continue to improve their algorithm and more competitors will enter the market and do their best to capture some of your online traffic. 

While you should always work to improve your rankings, gain more traffic, and produce more content, we understand that budget restrictions may be a factor in continued service. Should you need to make adjustments, please contact us to discuss moving to a different package or exploring our a la carte services in order to not disrupt the progress you are making.

A la Carte Services

Competitor Analyisis

Find out how local competitors are ranking and why so that a plan can be put in place to help you out convert them long-term. Some areas are not as competitive as others. It is important to know that up front so that it can be used as a short and long term resource for strategizing.
*Recommended to do every 6 to 12 months depending on your market/area.


One Time

Reputation Management

Sure you can watch all of your local reviews and manually respond to them, but it can be intense and time prohibitive to do that and run your practice. We will help automate your reputation management so that you can keep the reviews you deserve and respond appropriately to those that need to be fixed.



Additional Backlinks

Backlinks are a huge part of search engine algorithm's scoring for when going to rank your site. Quality manual backlinks are time intensive and can be impossible for someone without the time or connections. We will get relevant sites to link to your site to help boost your search engine rankings long term.

$100 to $500

per Link

Content Writing

Regular blogging on relevant topics will help boost your rankings. The trick is you have to be steady with your posts and they need to be relevant to your area and services rendered. Long term blogging can boost your traffic and conversions as you increase in rankings for longer keyword phrases and relevant topics/services.


per Infographic


per Word

Monthly Blog Packages

Ongoing Blogging Services on Auto Pilot

Regular consistent blogging is one of the best ways to get long term gains in your Search engine rankings. It is important to let Google know that you are a service matter expert, and that you are dedicated to creating ongoing content to your visitors. Blogging is a HUGE long term strategy that over time can pay back many times over..


$100 per post
$ 100
  • 1 Post Per Month
  • 600 to 800 Words
  • You Supply Subject
  • We Supply Content
  • Auto Posted - Hand's Off
  • Unique & Copyrighted


$90 per post
$ 180
  • 2 Posts Per Month
  • 600 to 800 Words
  • You Supply Subject
  • We Supply Content
  • Auto Posted - Hand's Off
  • Unique & Copyrighted


$80 per post
$ 240
  • 3 Posts Per Month
  • 600 to 800 Words
  • You Supply Subject
  • We Supply Content
  • Auto Posted - Hand's Off
  • Unique & Copyrighted


$70 per post
$ 280
  • 4 Posts Per Month
  • 600 to 800 Words
  • You Supply Subject
  • We Supply Content
  • Auto Posted - Hand's Off
  • Unique & Copyrighted

SEO Service Definitions

  • Site audit – Twenty page monthly report encompassing on-page optimization, mobile, keyword ranking, off-page optimization, and social media integration. This report will give the site owner a good understanding of how effective their SEO efforts are and what changes may need to be implemented.
  • GMB – “Google My Business” profile set up and ongoing tracking and updates as needed. Any business with a physical presence must have a Google business profile to drive organic traffic. These first impressions will include image selection, reviews, hours, website links, contact details, and an overview of service offerings. We can also include specific tags such as “Minority Owned”, “Women Owned”, “LBGTQ Friendly”, etc.
  • Local Keyword – A separate service from standard keywords. These keywords are specific to region or state location to rank for the most relevant keywords within a geographic area to ensure local search ranking. While national trends may rank for one keyword, audiences in certain regions may be searching for unique keywords or phrasing.
  • Google Analytics – A visualization of page traffic including demographics insights, sessions, session times, bounce rates, top landing pages, etc. This executive summary couples with the site audit for a further detailed analysis of client behavior and potential to move forward with service offerings.
  • Ahrehs Report – Considered the gold standard of off-page analysis, this report will provide information on  domain rating, referring domains, backlinks, organic traffic, organic keywords, and geographical information. A competitive off-page SEO strategy cannot be ignored if a site wants to land on page one.
  • Local Citations – We monitor all sites that list standard business hours, maps, contact details, and service offerings to ensure that all local citations reflect accurate information. This is essential to local SEO efforts as many clients may only spend a few seconds looking for an applicable provider. Edits and updates are provided on an ongoing basis.
  • Content Pieces – A list of relevant topics will be generated to include on the site which will help boost keyword results and search engine rankings. Each piece will be roughly 1,000 words in total length on relevant topics that will both educate and drive traffic. All content is hand crafted and never generated through AI creation.
  • Online Directory – Many sites include a list of businesses within a specific niche and create an online directory to quickly see all providers. We will work with top online directories to ensure that the business is listed, the information is correct, and it is easily accessible. Ongoing maintenance and opportunity search will be provided.
  • Backlinks –  URL linking to local and national content sites with high traffic, high authority, and low spam scores. Backlinks are an essential part of off-page SEO in order to drive more organic traffic. All links built will be monitored to ensure they never break or are lost and will be replaced at no charge if they do.  *Additional backlinks can be purchased for a one-time charge and pricing will depend on the linking site’s authority, keyword use, and landing page. 
  • Local Based Content – This content will be tailored to geographic location of the business such as commenting on recent news articles, local events, or new partnerships. Content created specifically to target local traffic. All content is hand crafted and never generated through AI creation.
  • Reputation Management – Negative reviews and slander sites can greatly harm a thriving business. Our reputation management offering helps either eliminate these toxic sites or have them buried to the second or third page of the search engine results page. The ultimate goal is to make sure that clients only see the positive aspects of the business when doing a quick search.
  • Competitor Analysis – We search and report on up to five competitors to understand their keyword strategies, backlink campaigns, content creation, and service offerings. Once their profiles are completed, we can create a strategy to boost search engine rankings above and beyond them based on what practices they are seeing positive results in. We can also see what is not working for them and guarantee that we do not make the same mistake.

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