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10 Website Design Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

10 Website Design Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Websites are a unique and interesting way of attracting customers to products. For Small scale businesses, websites can act as an inexpensive, fast and trouble free way of marketing their products, making sure it stands out among the competition and interacts with customers to get clues about their preferences, likes, and dislikes. While websites can provide a number of advantages, certain blunders in the website design can deter customers from making purchases. Website design has a profound impact on customer decisions, it must be attractive enough to appeal to the user and it must be useful to fulfill their needs. There are other things website designers have to keep in mind when working for small scale businesses. Here are 10 website Design mistakes, small businesses make, which can be avoided.

  1. Your search box is not visible:

This is one of the most common mistakes made by small businesses. When a customer arrives at your site, the first thing he would want is to browse through products. However, if he cannot find the search box, it will dissuade him from making a purchase. Position the search box at the top so it’s visible to users.

  1. It’s too colorful:

While it is preferable to add color to websites, to make it more appealing to customers, too much of everything can be a bad thing. If you are using all shades of colors, or even rainbow colors on your website, it might be a good idea to hold back. Choose two or three colors and make it your brand definition.

  1. It’s too dull:

As stated before, websites that lack color may also disappoint customers. While white and black colors may look more professional, they also give an outdated effect. To add a little color to your website, while still maintaining your professional look, try adding one more color, brighter than your muted ones, such as red or navy blue. This will please customers on an aesthetic level and they will be more likely to make a purchase.

  1. It’s not readable:

As a small scale business, you will see customers from all walks of life, some academics, some professionals and some specialists. While you want to use proper grammar and punctuation, it might be a good idea to keep your language simple and to the point. Using tough words and complex sentences might not be understood by customers, and the confusion may reduce their buying ability.

  1. The content is unorganized:

A website that has a bad layout will reduce the traffic that drives towards it. Imagine visiting a website that has services scattered all over the page, the customer will be confused as to where to look first. Instead opt for a website design that lists items together, so that it’s easier for customers to maneuver around.

  1. The content is poorly written:

Content plays a vital role in generating traffic towards a website. It is the first thing that the customer is concerned with. Poorly written, unauthentic, misleading or faulty content can cost you. Make sure you upload content that is fresh, not plagiarized, correct and to the point. Too many details may also sidetrack the audience. If you can afford it, have a professional write it for you!

  1. Outdated website:

As a small scale business, you should always try to keep your website updated. If the content, prices, instructions or details are outmoded, it will produce a negative perception of the customer. Clients like businesses that are up to date about current happenings, check websites often and have a functional and prompt customer support.

  1. Subpar screen resolution:

While you might be tempted to opt for unfriendly screen resolution, this could cost you big bucks. A good resolution and graphics can really attract customers. Esthetic aspects of the website appeal to people, and if the content, drawings, and pictures are unclear, it can have a bad effect on your traffic.

  1. Complex forms and surveys:

It might be a good idea to keep forms and surveys to get customer feedback. This can give you clues to improve your business; however, complicated forms and surveys will trouble customers and frustrate them.

  1. You’re using too many images:

Images can be a great way to attract users and show them the product they might be investing in, however, too many pictures, especially on the same interface, can put them off. Instead, invest in a more interactive and efficient website design that allows users to go through the gallery and view pictures if they want to.


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